2022.06.29 Press Release

Notice of Transition to a Company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee and Appointment of the Members of the Board of Directors

Axcelead, Inc., (President & CEO Tomoyuki Fujisawa, hereafter “Axcelead”) today announced to shift from a company with corporate auditors to a company with an audit and supervisory committee, as well as the following executive structure and responsibilities at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors Meeting, both held on June 29, 2022.

[Board Members]

Name RemarksPositionsDuties / Former or Current Positions (New Board Members)
Tomoyuki Fujisawa President and CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Atsushi Matsumura Board member, Chairman 
Satoru Iino Board member 
Hiroki Maekawa Board member, CFOCorporate Communication Dept, Finance & Accounting Dept. and General Affairs Dept.
Yoshinori Ikeura Board member, CTO 
Nobuhiko Yamada Board memberCorporate Planning Dept. and Business Development Dept.
Miho Fujisawa Board memberHR Dept.
Makoto KojimaNewBoard member(Audit Supervisory Committee)Former General Manager of Internal Audit Dept. of Axcelead
Tadashi TakiguchiNewExternal board memberPresident & CEO of WERU Investment Co., Ltd.
Seiji ToyamaNewExternal board memberFormer Representative Director and Chairman, TOMONY Holdings, Inc. Former External Corporate Auditor of Axcelead
Fumiaki MasukoNewExternal board member (Audit Supervisory Committee)Representative member of Hor-U Certified Accountant Public Joint Office Member of the Board of Hor-U Consulting Group Former External corporate Auditor of Axcelead
Somuku IimuraNew  External board member (Audit Supervisory Committee)Executive Partner, ITN Law Office

Kentaro Sugimoto, an External Audit, resigned at the close of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on June 29, 2022.