2022.12.01 Press Release

Yo Nakajima has been appointed CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Axcelead

Axcelead, Inc., (President & CEO Tomoyuki Fujisawa, hereafter “Axcelead”) today announced that Yo Nakajima has been appointed as CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Axcelead as of 1st December 2022.

Axcelead group is currently developing the drug discovery platform business (drug discovery support business for pharmaceutical companies) and the contract drug development and manufacturing business (CDMO) for messenger RNA therapeutics. In addition to those businesses, we have launched a project to develop a new digital drug discovery platform (A-Digital Project), which aims to make drug discovery 100 times more efficient than the current level, and the group companies are currently involved in this project.

By inviting Yo Nakajima as CIO, who has an extensive experience and achievements in IT field, Axcelead will accelerate the development of A-Digital concept, which is expected to be a future growth driver for the Axcelead group, and formation of a solid IT infrastructure (= digital platform) that is essential to support rapid business growth. It will strive to further enhance corporate value and resolve issues in the global healthcare business.

Yo Nakajima stated, “We are convinced that the next stage of drug discovery will open up if we can gather, connect, and transform three types of information into a usable form, which are 1.Axcelead’s knowledge of drug discovery cultivated over the past 30 years 2.Process information obtained from daily drug discovery activities and the results of our group researchers’ activities 3.The wisdom and experience of mankind that continues to emerge from research institutes and medical facilities around the world.”

■Yo’s Biography
Yo pioneered in the development of new businesses for over 30 years in Hitachi, Ltd. and has the following achievements: Yo launched one of the biggest Japan’s e-business service, in 1997, led the national IoT1 project “HIBIKI” with NEC, FUJITSU and other major companies in 2004, planned and coordinated a joint project with UK’s NHS2 in 2013 and so on. Since 2015, Yo has taken on the challenge of building a “Smart Factory as a Service” in Thailand at Hitachi High-Tech, Ltd. and built a cloud platform for the video visualizing service “CHIPS”. Axcelead established A-Digital, Inc. based on the acquired “CHIPS” business and technology and Yo is appointed as A-Digital’s CTO and COO.

*1Internet of Things *2National Health Services

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