2021.04.19 Press Release

AXEL MARK and Axcelead have Agreed to Cooperate in Product Evaluation & Domestic Logistics of Molecular Diagnostics Field

19th of April, 2021
Axcelead, Inc.

AXEL MARK Inc. (President & CEO, Hiroshi Matsukawa, TSE Mothers:3624, “Axcel Mark”) and Axcelead, Inc. (President & CEO, Tomoyuki Fujisawa, “Axcelead”) today announced that they have agreed on a collaborative partnership in product evaluation & domestic logistics of molecular diagnostics field.

AXEL MARK has previously made the disclosure of “The 22nd Acquisition and Cancellation of Stock Acquisition Rights and the 1st Notice Regarding Changes in Use of Funds for Unsecured Convertible Bonds with Stock Acquisition Rights” on March 26 2021, announced about our new entry into the healthcare business, and this press release is an announcement regarding to it. Please see the following materials for the information on AXEL MARK’s entry into the healthcare business.

○Disclosure on 26th March, 2021

The market is undergoing rapid expansion due to the unprecedented global demand for COVID-19 testing via molecular methods, but the other segments, including cancer and various infectious disease, are also experiencing significant growth. The global market for molecular diagnostics is expected to reach to the value of more than $12bn. by 2024.

“Molecular diagnostics” is the diagnostic and screening process of infectious disease, cancer, and genetic disease by analyzing proteins and nucleic acid(DNA and RNA)molecules in tissue or body fluid.
Disease identification is being utilized not only in medical site but also in private companies and home diagnosis as it leads to early detection and treatment of diseases, and new technologies are being actively developed worldwide.

In addition to the conventional major chemical analysis equipment, reagents, and scientific service companies, start-up companies are also promoting the development of new technology for molecular diagnosis, and test kits with various features have been commercialized, and new products will continue to be released in the market from now on.

Axcelead will evaluate promising new technologies in the field of molecular diagnosis of overseas ventures that do not have commercial distribution to Japan, and AXEL MARK will acquire domestic commercialization rights and develop appropriate business partners. We believe that this partnership can build the collaborative value chain in the molecular diagnosis market.

Hereafter, both companies aim to contribute to improve people’s healthy life expectancy by promoting the spread of new medical diagnosis technologies.

※Source:”Molecular Diagnostics Market” Datamonitor Healthcare(Published on 30th Sep. 2020)Global Information Inc.

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Business Description :Owns shares or interests in companies that operate businesses related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Support the business activities of the company and contribute to improving the corporate value of the entire group.

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