2021.12.16 Press Release

Hitachi and Axcelead DDP Launch Manufacturing Process Development Support Service for Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy – Supporting optimization of product development and manufacturing with automation and quality assessment

Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501, “Hitachi”) and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners Inc. (“Axcelead DDP”) announced today that they launch a manufacturing process development support service for cell therapy and gene therapy from December 16.
This service enables evaluation of cell quality such as stability and biological equivalence, and optimization of the automated cell culture process by combining Hitachi’s automated cell culture equipment for cell therapy and gene therapy, and Axcelead DDP’s wealth of experience in drug discovery research, offering to support the development of cell manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes.
Hitachi and Axcelead, Inc., which has Axcelead DDP as the core company, have been working on joint development of solutions contributing to more efficient discovery of next-generation biopharmaceuticals*, and this service is from one of such joint projects.
* News Release on April 7, 2021 “Hitachi and Axcelead have agreed to start joint development of solutions contributing on more efficient creation of next-generation biopharmaceuticals”

Hitachi and Axcelead DDP aim to contribute to improving QoL (Quality of Life) through expanding clinical application of cell therapy and gene therapy by the joint manufacturing process development support service.

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