2023.06.05 Press Release

IP Gaia and PassPort Technologies Announce the Partnership Agreement

PassPort Technologies, Inc. (“PPTI”) and IP Gaia, Inc. (“IPG”) have entered into a business commissioning agreement (the “Agreement”) regarding business development activities aimed at partnerships with third parties for PPTI’s platform technology and development pipeline. Through this Agreement, PPTI will be able to leverage IPG’s network for business development activities.

Mr. Tomoyuki Fujisawa, the President and CEO of PPTI, stated, “IPG’s extensive network with numerous global pharmaceutical companies is the ultimate business development capability, and it is like a dream function for venture companies like ours. Through the partnership with IPG, we are confident that we can timely deliver our innovative pharmaceuticals and new technologies to partner companies.”

Yasunori Yamaguchi, Ph.D., the President and CEO of IPG, also commented, “We are delighted that PPTI’s unique and excellent transdermal absorption technology utilizing the PassPort system, along with their pipeline, is widely accepted in the pharmaceutical industry, that would result in being delivered to patients by IPG’s support in business development.”

The two companies will continue to strengthen their collaboration to become a global platform for drug discovery and business development.

About PassPort Technologies, Inc.
PPTI is dedicated to the rapid development of exceptional pharmaceuticals using the PassPort system and delivering them to patients. By having its headquarters located in San Diego, USA, a world-renowned hub for biotechnology and information technology, the company is able to incorporate cutting-edge innovative technologies. It aims to continually generate platform technologies that can be utilized not only by pharmaceutical companies but also by a wide range of companies in the life sciences industry, including cosmetics companies. Through these efforts, PPTI strives to contribute to the health of more people worldwide. For more information, please visit PPTI’s website at

About IP Gaia, Inc.
IPG was established on October 26, 2021, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Healthcare New Platform Fund where Whiz Partners Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Atsushi Matsumura) has been the general partner. IPG will generate composition of matter patents for new chemical entities by conducting non-clinical research and development activities and make variety of transactions mainly with pharmaceutical companies. IPG has already concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with Axcelead, Inc. and Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc. ( By collaborating among the parties to build a next stage drug discovery platform, it would be possible to generate high quality innovative pharmaceuticals in a shorter period of time and lower cost. As for the pharmaceutical industry, the trend of the horizontal division of labor business model would be more accelerating. IPG plays a role as a platformer for creating pre-clinical stage innovative new medicines. For more information, please visit our website at

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